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Interview Processes - Is Yours Up To Scratch?

The candidate experience, essentially, is the job seeker's journey through your company's recruitment process. It's a pivotal aspect that can make or break your chances of securing the best talent. It encompasses various facets, from the initial interaction, the application process, the interview and finally, feedback and communication. A positive experience can not only woo a prospective employee but also reinforce your employer brand in the job market. Conversely, a negative experience can deter a skilled candidate and tarnish your reputation. Remember, candidates aren't shy about sharing their experiences, be they good or bad. Hence, enhancing the candidate experience is not just a nice-to-have; it's a strategic imperative for successful hiring.

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Identifying the Shortcomings of Your Current Interview Process

To kick-start the overhaul of your interview procedures, it's critical to first pinpoint any failings in your existing process. Are applicants throwing in the towel halfway through due to the process's complexity or duration? Are there grumbles about insufficient communication from your end? Spotting these hurdles will enable you to channel your energy towards rectifying these specific areas that require urgent attention. By understanding the stumbling blocks in your current process, you can begin to develop a revamped, efficient strategy that will improve the overall candidate experience. 

Some common shortcomings and ways to fix are included below: 



Long Application Processes

Do you need a CV, Cover Letter and an Application Form with every single working experience to be included? Think about making this as short as possible to only gain the information in which you need.

Length of time between interviews

The simple fact is candidates will not only be applying for your job. Taking too long between first and second interviews increases the chance of candidates choosing to work elsewhere.

Too many interviews

Are you asking your candidates to attend 3 or 4 different interviews for your job? Do several different line managers need to see the applicant? You only need to do 2 interviews and if several line managers need to sign off on the hire, make sure they are all available for the 2nd interview at the same time. Part of your interview process should be diarising dates in advance for interviews to ensure a smooth, timely process.

Insufficient Interviewer

Get your line managers trained or coached to interview efficiently. You need your staff to ask the right, engaging questions. Great candidates will expect this and they’ll know a bad interviewer when they see one.

Lack of Focus

Candidates want your full attention during an interview. That means no answering emails, no picking up calls or texts – they want to feel that this interview is the most important thing at that time.

Streamlining the Application Process for Efficiency

First impressions matter and often, the application process is the candidate's initial encounter with your company. Therefore, it's crucial that this process is straightforward and time-efficient. A convoluted or drawn-out application can deter even the most enthusiastic job seekers. Your focus should be on clear guidelines and reduced steps. Aim to cut out any unnecessary complexities. Additionally, demonstrating respect for a candidate's time sends out a positive message, enhancing their overall experience. So, it's high time you streamlined your application process, keeping in mind that 'less is often more.'

Clear, prompt communication is paramount in making candidates feel valued and respected throughout the interview process. Every step should be accompanied by well-timed correspondence, whether it's a simple acknowledgement of receiving their application, confirming an interview date, or providing constructive feedback post-interview. This shows candidates you're considerate and invested in their journey, enhancing their overall experience. Remember, communication is not just about imparting information; it's about establishing meaningful connections and forging relationships with potential future employees. As an employer, you should strive to keep lines of communication open, honest, and prompt. This practice not only improves the candidate's experience but also elevates your standing as a mindful employer.

Training Your Interviewers to be Empathetic and Engaging

The conduct of your interviewers can leave a lasting impression on candidates and greatly shape their view of your organisation. It is, therefore, essential that you train your interviewers to approach candidates with empathy and engagement. Their role should extend beyond merely gauging a candidate's qualifications and experience. The aim is to create a supportive and comfortable environment where candidates feel valued and understood. Empathetic interviewers who engage candidates with insightful, relevant conversations can help humanise the process and contribute positively to the candidate's experience. This approach is key to not only attracting quality talent but also to maintaining a positive employer brand. Remember, a candidate's impression of your interview process can significantly impact their decision to accept an offer or not.

Asking for Feedback

To keep evolving your interview procedures, nothing is more beneficial than the candidate's insights. What aspects did they appreciate? What could have been better? Incorporate their responses to continually refine your process. Always remember, the heart of your recruitment efforts should be the satisfaction of your candidates, and their viewpoint is invaluable in achieving this. Making your interviewees feel that their opinion matters not only elevates their experience but also provides you with a unique opportunity to improve. After all, a process that learns and adapts based on candidate feedback is bound to be effective and efficient. Hence, never underestimate the power of feedback; it's your secret weapon for continual improvement.

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