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Life as an Apprentice - September 2022

Written by myself, Ruby. Want to have a chat to learn more?

I have officially been in my apprenticeship for a month so I thought it would be the perfect time to start my monthly updates as an apprentice. I will give regular updates on what I have been up to and what I have learnt along the way.

I started with Educated Appointments at the start of September as their Recruitment Resourcing Apprentice, and it’s been a busy month. I have learnt so much within the first month that will benefit my apprenticeship and help me in my role. Having never really been exposed to apprenticeships, other than my sister doing one, I was a bit unsure on what it consisted off. I wanted to make sure I was prepared and able to balance both the apprenticeship work and my job role. This month I have learnt the basis of my job role within the company alongside the layout and schedule of my apprenticeship plan, allowing me to see where my role comes into place and how I am able to do both. I have really enjoyed the aspects of learning new skills to help make the most of my role as a Recruitment Resourcer, the new skills range from speaking to candidates through the initial stages to sourcing the candidates myself all whilst being supported by Kris and Joe. Overall, the first month at Educated Appointments has been so refreshing to come into a role and really enjoy it. I am looking forward to learning even more and integrating my apprenticeship work into my role as well. Keep updated for my journey as an apprentice.

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